Are You Making these Mistakes While Hunting in Africa?

Sep 30, 2020

Hunting anywhere has perks of its own, but hunting in Africa is a whole mood. There’s a reason big game hunting is such a huge part of Africa’s economy: because many people visit the continent for this very reason. But for many people for whom hunting in Africa is a first experience, many mistakes stand in the way—and these are the mistakes you need to avoid. 

Why muddy the best safari experience of your life because of a few mistakes? 

Not Taking Your PH Seriously

One of the worst things you can do in Africa is not taking your PH seriously—and we don’t mean the power of Hydrogen here. We mean Professional Hunter. Your PH guide is someone who has been doing this for almost a lifetime. They’re locals and they know the area better than you—after all, we grew up here. Part of our job is to assist hunters and travelers on their African safaris—who better than a professional hunter or guide to have your back?

Not Doing Your Sticks Practice

Before heading off to the great continent for your great hunting adventure, it’s important that you brush up on your three-legged sticks shooting. This one’s a great starter for long-range shooting, and will come in handy on the vast African plains. Buy a set, and start practicing. 

Not Having Enough Confidence in Yourself

Your PH might be a whole different ball game as compared to you. They might be micro-managers, or they might leave you to make your own decisions. But here’s the thing: taking the shot is always the hunter’s decision—your decision, not the PH’s. If you aren’t sure, if you aren’t confident, don’t take the shot. 

Uncertain shots at dangerous animals—especially the Big Five—is a massively risky undertaking. We’d strongly advise against it. Also bear in mind that in Africa, if you draw blood, you have to pay a trophy fee. At times, you might not even get a second permit. 

Big Guns Don’t Often Work with Big Game

You don’t necessarily have to have Ol’ Painless to bring down African might. They might be the Big Five, but they aren’t called the Bulletproof Five for a reason. If you’re hunting lighter animals still—such as dear or impala—bringing a bigger gun won’t change anything. It’s better to shoot with a flexible gun that you’re comfortable with than with a big gun you don’t tune with. 

Bigger isn’t always better. 

Not Accounting for the Bullets

While the size of the gun might not make a sizeable difference, the size of the bullet does. The reason being the varying hides of the animals you’re hunting. The bigger the animal, the tougher the hide. Penetrating through will take quality bullets. 

Don’t just choose bullets on the basis of accuracy. Go for penetration and terminal performance instead. 

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